Thai side dish


This quick and easy Thai styled recipe can be used as a main dish or served as a side salad in spring time – perfect for those uninvited guests.



Sesame seeds




Pak choi

Sweet chilli sauce

Cashew pieces


For a cheap, tasty meal or side salad, boil a cup of rice – basmati is nice if you like an extra kick of flavour. Dry fry 2 tsp of sesame seeds for one minute on a medium heat, stirring constantly to avoid burning.


Finely chop one onion and sauté in 1 tsp of oil until the onion segments appear translucent and soft.  Grate one carrot and add to the onion for approximately three minutes.  Combine two cups of loosely chopped pak choi and stir fry for a remaining five minutes to mix all flavours.  Once softened, stir in the cooked rice and dress with sweet chilli sauce. Gently toss the salad and sprinkle sesame seeds (or cashew pieces) to garnish.